The Art of Safe CCR Diving


The purpose of this web site is to educate and inform the general public and interested divers who wish to engage in the activity of Closed Circuit Rebreather or CCR diving. Formal training stresses the importance of detailed knowledge of your CCR Rebreather unit, emergency related survival skills and environmental conservation.

The services, diving, support and training on this web site are offered by Patrick Widmann & Andreas W. Matthes a.k.a. Matt who are experienced CCR Divers and Closed Circuit Rebreather Instructors. Matt is a CCR Instructor Trainer for varioous units, CCR cave and CCR Mod II who has been diving CCR´s since 1997 and conducted over 900 hours of CCR diving in the fields of CCRrecreational diving, technical diving, wreck diving and cave diving environment in the beautiful caves of Mexico.

Diving takes a great deal of physical fitness so it is not for  everyone. Going on a boat trip can be a much safer way to enjoy the ocean. In the warm and gentle waters of the Canary Islands there are a whole range on animals you will be able to see.

The best Closed Circuit Rebreather – CCR diving, support, service and CCR Diver training is available through Matts commitment to the art of safe Rebreather diving. Matt is located in one of the most beautiful underwater environments on the planet here in theRiviera Maya of Mexico which includes the area of Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal and Tulum.

As CCR Diver and P-SCR Diver programs are available with Matt here in the Riviera Maya, Mexico Matt will travel to your location world wide and train you in your local diving environment, pond,lake, quarry, cave, reef, river, wreck or ocean for you to get the most out of your training experience.

At my location in Playa del Carmen, Mexico I offer Rebreather support in the form of selected Rebreather spare parts, Rebreather tank rental, bailout tank rental, Carbon Dioxide (Co2) absorbent (Sodasorb and Extend Air), oxygen sensors as well as air, oxygenand trimix fills to 3000 psi – 200 bar.

Purpose and goals

Becoming certified as a CCR Diver is verification that the diver has developed the skills neccecary, has gained the basic understanding of the CCR unit being used to be a safe CCR Diver. As in all of life’s endeavors, it is wise to crawl before walking, and walking prior to running. In CCR diving one has be cautious as skills are developed methodically, one has to become totally familiar with the CCR, and always respect the CCR. As CCR diving skills develop, CCR diving goals can be expanded.

Above all never forget to know your Po2 at all times and remember that complacency kills.